Patient Loyalty

In this course you will learn how to increase your patient's loyalty.

Zbigniew Kowalski · January 20, 2021

Loyality ist defined as “a characteristic of someone who is faithful and honest to somebody”. In order to turn your patients into loyal patients, you need to provide value for them. In this course you will learn how to increase the value you are providing for your patients and thus turn them into loyal patients who will always come back to your practice. Zbigniew Kowalski, patient communication expert from Poland will guide you through the most important factors that influence your patient’s loyalty the most.

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Zbigniew Kowalski

Zbigniew Kowalski is a psychologist and patient communication expert. He coperates with the Medical University Warsaw and manages post-graduate studies in the field of private medical facility management in Aesthetic Medicine. He is also the founder of the Polish Society for Patient Communication and a member of the Academy of Communication in Healthcare.

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